Eyelash Extension Refresher Course Long Island, Ny

1 Day Eyelash Extension Refresher Course

This eyelash extension refresher course is for lash artists who have taken lash extension classes previously with other lash training programs but may not have received the most from their education, or maybe you are someone who has taken a lash course in the past and you put your lash tweezers down for too long and have forgotten a lot of what you learned. A lash refresher just might be what you need. 

What does our eyelash extension refresher course offer? This is a 1 day eyelash extension course where we quickly get back to basics to work on better, more efficient techniques, hands on lash training where we teach various methods on damage free lashing.

 We cover: 

  • Safe damage free lashing
  • Health and safety guidelines
  • Product knowledge
  • The application process
  • How to do a fill in
  • Allergies/sensitivities
  • Contraindications. 

What's included:

  • A full kit giving you everything you will need to offer this service,
  • Classroom hands on learning. 
  • Ongoing support and access to our student portal, meaning whenever you have a question or concern throughout your lash career we are here to help. 
  • An in-depth course manual teaching you everything from A-Z.

1 day course $700

Now offering financing through PayPal 

Eyelash Extension wand for brushing lashes

Eyelash Extension wand for brushing lashes